Ghost of Tsushima PS4 – Released

Ghost of Tsushima PS4 - Released

It is halfway through July, and Sony is hours away from releasing a much-awaited major PS4 exclusive game, Ghost of Tsushima. The game, which was first announced in 2017, was initially planned for June 26, but due to delays most likely caused by the pandemic, it is set to be released tomorrow, July 17. The game comes just a month after another one of Sony’s much-awaited major game release, The Last of Us Part 2.

Ghost of Tsushima was developed by Sucker Punch studio, the same studio behind Sly Cooper and Infamous video game series. The game is an open-world stealth action-adventure game and is set in 13th century feudal Japan. You play as the protagonist Jin Sakai, one of the few Samurai to survive an invasion of the island of Tsushima in 1274 by the Mongols. The main objective is to fight the invaders and slowly retake the island.

Fans got a first glimpse of Ghost of Tsushima gameplay in a 2018 E3 trailer. In the trailer, Jin takes on three Mongol invaders to meet his ally, Masako. Two years later, PlayStation showed an 18 minutes’ footage of Ghost of Tsushima gameplay on May 14 in its State of Play Livestream.

During the live stream, we got to see a lot about the game, including its combat and stealth mechanics, open-world exploration, and character customization.

Given that the game is being released a month after a considerably ‘bigger’ release like The Last of Us Part 2, you would expect it to be forgotten in the hype. Nonetheless, the game is already getting positive reviews from senior editors and YouTubers.

Its good reviews can be attributed to its breathtaking open world scenery, beautifully choreographed battles, and its unique combat system. The game pays tribute to classic samurai films of Akira Kurosawa by allowing you to turn everything black and white. Ghost of Tsushima also has a stunning photo mode that will enable you to take excellent animated photos.

GameSpot’s senior editor, Edmond Tran, gave Ghost of Tsushima a positive 7out of 10 in a review of the game. He praised the game’s stylish combat and beautiful open world, which according to him, hit cinematic highs. On the flip side, he felt that the game’s mission structure had typical open world imperfections and dull edges.

Sucker Punch studios also released a lot of pre-order information for the game.  The information includes multiple pre-order bonuses and special editions.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-ordering the game gets you a Jin PS4 dynamic theme. Which is based on the game’s box art, a Jin avatar. A mini soundtrack of select songs from the game?

Ghost of Tsushima is available in pre-order in Standard Edition ($60), Digital Deluxe Edition ($70), Special Edition ($70), Collector’s Edition ($170). Of course, the higher the edition you pre-order, the more in-game bonuses you will receive. On top of in-game digital bonuses, pre-ordering the Special Edition and the Collector’s Edition gets you physical goodies.

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