6 Fastest Supercars In GTA Online

6 Fastest Supercars In GTA Online

The Supercars In GTA is a conditional upper-level subcategory of the conditional category of “sports car”. Super sports cars have incredibly high speeds and powerful engines (hundreds of horsepower), proprietary equipment, and, most importantly, expensive features.

The conclusion drawn from the latter is that the supercar is a status element, and only the richest people can afford this luxury item for $500-900,000. In other words, a super sports car is a sports car that uses steroids. In Grand Theft Auto 5, you can find super sports cars in the villas of wealthy people, such as near Vinewood, or you can spend a lot of money on officially purchased cars.

However, please keep in mind that such expensive cars cannot be misappropriated by theft. The stolen super sports car will only serve you during the time you use it directly, so if you want to become the full owner of the premium car, please upgrade For your favorite car, then prepare to accumulate a fortune. This section contains all information about the supercars in GTA 5.

What is the fastest car in GTA Online?

This is a rather difficult problem. Which car is the fastest in the short tow race? On a standard circle with turns? Which car has the highest top speed? Will it turn sharply and accelerate to 100 km/h in a few seconds?

List of the fastest supercars in Grand Theft Auto Online, their technical characteristics, cost and real prototypes

Fastest Supercars In GTA Online

6th place – Pegassi Tempesta

Tempesta is a new feature of GTA Online (it was added with the “Import/Export” update in December 2016), but it has established itself as a worthy supercar. We do not recommend using it in games with a lot of straight lines, but for technical tracks, it will be very suitable.

5th place – Progen Tyrus

Progen Tyrus also appeared in the game not long ago. This very expensive supercar has been added to GTA Online with the update “Cunning and Stunt”. It has excellent grip and is perfect for corners. It seems that Tyrus is superior to Tempesta in terms of characteristics, but in our tests, the results were only a thousandth of a second better than previous supercars. In addition, due to wheel slip, it does not have the best acceleration performance. This can play a role not only at the beginning, but also when transporting back to the track after an accident.

4th place – Truffade Adder

After its release, Adder immediately became the most expensive and fastest car in the game. However, with the release of a large number of updates, the situation has changed dramatically, and its characteristics are no longer impressive. In addition, Adder has never shined on acceleration-on a complex technical track, he can easily lose to a “slower” supercar with better acceleration dynamics. But the real benefit of the car is that it keeps the track stable even at high speeds.

3rd place – Pegassi Zentorno

This is not only incredibly fashionable, but also very fast. However, inexperienced players should treat him with caution. First, when driving at high speeds, even low obstacles (such as curbs) can cause serious accidents-all of which are caused by small ground clearance. Second, Zentorno has very addictive and sensitive controls. If you manage to tame this beast, it will allow you to technically enter a controlled drift even at high speeds.


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2nd place – Progen T20

When the T20 appeared in “Grand Theft Auto Online”, it was one of the fastest or not the fastest cars in the game. It accelerates perfectly, is controlled and turns. In addition, its wings can improve the aerodynamic performance when riding, and when braking, it helps to decelerate quickly and smoothly.

1st place – Grotti X80 Proto

The most expensive and perhaps the most fashionable supercar in the game. X80 has excellent speed characteristics and excellent handling. Whether it is accelerating from a stationary state or in the direct part of the route, it can perfectly present itself. However, remember to be careful: despite the excellent grip, the car can still roll over due to its light weight and strong maneuverability.

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