Present Work

Present Work


We have centers in many cities and particularly in those areas where youths are socio-economically under privileged. More than 80% come from such back ground.

  • Nagpur District :- 7 Branches are being run and about 250 to 300 Boys and Girls are benefited.
  • Amaravati District :- 6 Branches are being run including one at Dharani Tribal area in Amaravati District
  • Aurangabad :- 1 Branches, about 50 to 60 Boys and Girls are benefited.
  • Pune :- 5 Branches, 200 to 250 Boys and Girls are benefited.
  • Ullhasnagar (Mumbai) :- 1 Branch, 40 to 50 Boys and Girls are benefited.
  • Khed ( Ratnagiri District, MS ) :- Branch, 25 to 30 boys and Girls are benefited.
  • Goa :- 1 Branch, 30 to 40 Boys & Girls are benefited.
  • Modinagar (U.P. ) :- 1 Branch, 25 to 30 boys and Girls are benefited.

About 850 to 900 Students at present are being trained. Out of these 150 to 175 students are girls. Since 1981-82 thousands of students participated and trained in this organization.


As our activity is open to all, students from different religion, cast, class etc participate this gives them good opportunity to develop friendship and break all kind of social barriers.

As our main area of working is socio-economically backward communities where they easily fall victim to drugs, crimes and other social evil.


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Bushindo Karate Association is working for the total development of the youths so different Programmes and workshops are organized for their Education, Social, Cultural and Spiritual developments.

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