Annual Activities



Different kinds of workshops are organized for educational, moral, cultural, mental and physical development. These workshops are very helpful to students as well as Instructors. Special workshops are organized for senior students and instructors to have clarity of aims & objects as well as Vision of B.K.A.


40 Instructors are giving training regularly.

Black Belt
  • 3rd Dan - 7
  • 2nd Dan - 12
  • 1st Dan - 23
  • Out of these, three Girls are Black Belt 1 Dan. Total 42 Black Belts.

Get Together

Karate Grading

Karate Grading (Belt) examinations are held quarterly.

Parents/Gaurdian Meetings

Time to time these meetings are held which are very helpful to have interaction with them and to have their support for the development of their children.

Cultural Programmes

Cultural Programmes

Occasionally cultural programmes are organized for students. We give importance to such activities as it helps to enhance their innate qualities, they learn to appreciate art & culture as well as this is powerful media for self-development & it brings awareness. It gives pure joy.

Educational Workshop

Mostly students participate in these activities, so special attention is given to their academic studies. In workshops experts are invited to guide them in their studies. Some other helps are provided who are needy.

Karate Training Camps

Karate Training Camps

To have proper spirit of Karate such Training Camps are organized time to time for students and instructors, where they learn techniques and philosophy of Karate which help them to practice Human Values. These Trainings are organized in our beautiful meditation Centers where they can learn meditation as well. Time to time internationally known Karate Instructors are invited to give training in such camps.

Karate Competition

To maintain the high standard annual internal Karate competitions are held as well as students are encouraged to participate school and college competition.

Get Together

Out door get together are organized regional and Branch wise. These get together help them to know each other, develop friendship, opportunity to share their ideas with each other. In these get together experienced and eminent people are invited to guide and give inspirations.

Get Together


As our activity is open to all, students from different religion, cast, class etc participate this gives them good opportunity to develop friendship and break all kind of social barriers.

As our main area of working is socio-economically backward communities where they easily fall victim to drugs, crimes and other social evil.


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About Us

Bushindo Karate Association is working for the total development of the youths so different Programmes and workshops are organized for their Education, Social, Cultural and Spiritual developments.

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