• Karate is not only art and sport but it is more than that. It helps us for total development of our personality. This is valuable art; “self Defence” is one of the part of this art.
    E. D. Welsh 6th Dan Black Belt, Scotland, U.K.
  • Karate training played very important role in my development. Before this I was extremely shy and physically weak person. I had no confidence, as I was not able to mix among other. I didn't like fighting, but when I just went to see Karate training, I was very much impressed by seeing Karate performance, and then there I decided to learn Karate. Particularly I was very much impressed by the teacher and the atmosphere of Karate branch.
    Dh. Amogh Siddhi, Nagpur
  • I have joint Karate Association in 1984 Karate brought confidence & discipline in my life. Specially morality in Bushindo gave me a certain direction to my life. Still practicing with those friends from last 20 years. I work as a farmer. I manage practising karate & running Bushindo Trust. Karate helps me in my meditation practice & day to day life.
    Dh. Sadhanaratna 3rd Dan Black Belt, Nagpur
  • I am from one of the slum in south Nagpur. I joined B.K.A in 1994. My initial aim was to acquire skills in Karate so I can dominate others. But today I am totally different person. I became very confident and leading good life. I understood the importance of spiritual development through B.K.A. and trying to learn more.
    Sanjay Neel Instructor, 3rd Dan Black Belt, Nagpur

    I am from non-Buddhist community. I got good opportunity to form my friendship with many people. I have private job and other time I give for B.K.A., it helped me to become good person. I am convince that I can develop myself in B.K.A.
    Deepak Waghmare, Student 1st Dan Black Belt, Nagpur

    For two years I have been attending Karate Branch. I like the atmosphere of our branch. Here I am treated friendly. Before comming to this branch I was always fearful, now I feel very confident. I became very concentrated which help me in my study, and I became good in my study and over all percentage increased.
    Rashmi Ramteke Student, 9th class

    For three years I have been attending Karate branch. I have many friends in my branch. This friendship inspire me to attained this branch regularly. This friendship is more important to me than Karate. I have seen people changing in our branch for me, our branch is as my second Home. I am rarely absent in branch. I very much appreciate politeness of our Karate teachers. I always feel very positive and confident and I always feel inspired due to this training.
    Rohit Waghmare Student, 11th Class, Phy. Handicapped 40%


As our activity is open to all, students from different religion, cast, class etc participate this gives them good opportunity to develop friendship and break all kind of social barriers.

As our main area of working is socio-economically backward communities where they easily fall victim to drugs, crimes and other social evil.


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Bushindo Karate Association is working for the total development of the youths so different Programmes and workshops are organized for their Education, Social, Cultural and Spiritual developments.

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